Tropical Green Leaves

A brief History.....

It was in the late 1800's Leon Victor emigrated from Basse Terre on the Island of Guadeloupe on his way to Venezuela. Here he stopped in Vistabella, San Fernando, where he acquired several parcels of land on which he built two houses.

He brought with him his knowledge from the islands, love of nature and thus planted the Balata Tree and several other garden species found in Guadeloupe and neighbouring islands. This tree, the surrounding gardens and this house are what survives of his legacy.

Nestled beneath the San Fernando Hill with spectacular views, a historic “San Fernando house " fully refurbished; totally air conditioned, all new features, yet still retaining character feel.

Visiting friends, family, functions in South Trinidad.

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Things to do in and around San Fernando

There are several things to do while using Trinidad's southernmost city as a gateway to the sights and attractions including:

  • Explore the city's culture and heritage: Visit the Harris Promenade, which showcases Trinidad's colonial and architectural history, or the National Museum and Art Gallery, which features works by local artists and historical artefacts.
  • Enjoy the Carnival: San Fernando is home to Trinidad's second largest Carnival celebration, with a variety of music, dance, and street parties taking place throughout the city.
  • Visit the beaches: Take a day trip to La Brea Pitch Lake and the nearby Vessigny Beach, or head North to Maracas and Las Cuevas Beaches which are known for their scenic beauty and excellent surf.
  • Go on a nature hike: Trinidad is home to several nature reserves and parks, including the Asa Wright Nature Centre and the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, which are popular with birdwatchers and nature lovers. Home of the Scarlet Ibis and flamingo.
  • Shop for local goods: San Fernando is home to a variety of local markets, where you can purchase handmade crafts, local spices, and other goods.
  • Enjoy local cuisine: Try some of the delicious street food and local restaurants in San Fernando, nearby Penal and Debe which offer a vibrant market and known for "doubles city".
  • Explore the cocoa plantations of Moruga, Montserrat Hills Gran Couva, Buenos Aires.

These are just a few of the many things to do in and around San Fernando. Whether you're interested in culture, nature, or relaxation, San Fernando has something for everyone.

Shallow Focus Photography of Green Leafed Plant

Why AirBnb?

Experience authentic Trinidad culture by staying in a local AirBnB property.

  • Unlike traditional hotels, Airbnb accommodations are often located in residential neighborhoods, giving you the opportunity to interact with locals, explore authentic cuisine, and participate in community events.

  • Comforts of Home: Airbnb properties often provide more space, privacy, and amenities compared to standard hotel rooms. As a member of the diaspora returning home, having a comfortable and familiar place to stay can help ease the transition and make you feel more at home during your visit. Visit local markets and cook local food.

  • Flexibility and Independence: Airbnb offers flexibility in terms of check-in/check-out times, house rules, and accommodation options. This flexibility allows you to tailor your stay according to your needs and preferences, giving you a sense of independence and freedom during your trip.

  • Local Insights and Recommendations: Airbnb hosts are often locals who can provide valuable insights, tips, and recommendations for exploring the country. Whether it's the best places to eat, hidden gems to visit, or cultural activities to experience, your host can offer personalized recommendations to enhance your trip.

  • Affordability: In many cases, Airbnb accommodations can be more affordable than traditional hotels, especially for longer stays or larger groups. Saving money on accommodation expenses can free up resources for other aspects of your trip, such as exploring attractions, reconnecting with family, or supporting local businesses.

Heed the call of nature and leave it all behind.

Skinner Park at night.

Popular street food market at

Cross Crossing...

Picking Cocoa

Trinidad and Tobago was once responsible for “producing 20% of the world’s cocoa, and by 1830 was the world’s third highest producer of cocoa.” (Bekele 1). This was a time when Cocoa was considered to be king.

The Cocoa House

In the days “when Cocoa was King“, the dried cocoa beans would come in sacks from the cocoa estates in Moruga and Gran Couva. Here the sacks would be stored to be shipped all over the world. This has been restored to a garden room /atelier for painting, reading, yoga and the occassional massage..

Mayaro Beach

  • Experience Trinidad like a local by staying in an AirBnB.

  • Discover the beauty of Trinidad from the comfort of an AirBnB.

  • Get a unique view of the culture and nightlife of Trinidad from an AirBnB.

  • Enjoy the Caribbean sunshine from your private AirBnB in Trinidad.

  • Find the perfect AirBnB for your family or group in Trinidad.

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Choosing the right AirBnB


  • Difficulty Finding Availability
  • Lack of Transparency in Pricing
  • Misleading or Inaccurate Listings
  • Insufficient Amenities
  • Poor Communication with Hosts
  • Hidden Fees and Charges
  • Unreliable Wi-Fi Connection
  • Dirty or Unkempt Properties
  • Complicated Check-in Procedures
  • Transportation Accessibility


  • Authentic Local Experience
  • Comfortable Living Spaces
  • Convenient Location
  • Responsive and Helpful Hosts
  • Unique and Memorable Stay
  • Seamless Booking Process
  • Affordable Rates
  • Flexible Check-in/out
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Safe and Secure Environment


  • Safety and Security Concerns
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness Issues
  • Noise Disturbances
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Pest Infestation
  • Property Misrepresentation
  • Theft or Burglary
  • Unfriendly or Unwelcoming Hosts
  • Uncomfortable Interactions with
  • hosts living on-site.

From our years of travelling, we’ve compiled these Frustrations, concerns and desires to ensure a smooth, relaxing stay.

Surrounded by nature.

It’s hard to describe the biodiversity and the tranquility that exists here so close to the city centre.

It’s a closely guarded habitat for birds as you hear several singing birds in the morning and evening.

There’s the corn bird (crested oropendola) that’s built it’s distinctive hanging nest as well as the woodpecker living in a tree trunk.

The fruits, mango, balata, sapodilla, plantains, silk figs all attract these birds as well as the vegetation.

Anyway, I wont want to give away any spoilers, come visit yourself and discover what birds, flowers and plants you will find.

Discover the enchanting harmony of nature in a garden near the city, where vibrant butterflies dance among blooming flowers, and the air is filled with the melodies of singing birds. Engage in the beauty of conservation efforts that protect these delicate creatures, ensuring a thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

Tropical Garden

Heliconia, Ginger Lily, Anthuriums, Ferns, Areca palms, Fiddle leaf fig, Monstera, Philodendron, Calathea, Caladium, Orchids and more....Plant lovers welcome.